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Why Bioresonance?

Some spiritually oriented people were wondering why would a Spiritual Healer add into his practice such a ‘down to earth’ tool 😉 as bioresonance? Maybe they feel that spiritual healing alone would be a method, which solves all of the clients’ health issues?

In this post, I will clarify my position on that. In my practice as a Naturopath and Spiritual Healer, I observed different repeating patterns:

Expectation of spontaneous healing

One of them was customers’ expectations that within a short healing session all their life suffering will be solved, without them needing to change anything in their life at all. This way of thinking is very common. It puts all the responsibility for the healing on the practitioner. Therefore it creates an unhealthy dependence on the healer to solve all health problems of the client. This may stem from a misunderstanding of the role of the practitioner in the healing process.

Everybody needs to do own efforts

Spontaneous complete recovery through spiritual healing is sometimes possible. Though most of the time it involves the active participation of a client. He needs to do own efforts to reorganize his life to achieve a lasting change. There is little benefit in bailing out someone from their problems for the short term, without him changing his habits and lifestyle. Otherwise, he will surely put himself back into the same position again in a short time. It makes more sense to show the person health areas in which he can improve and give him the tools that can help him. Therefore he can make a real change in life for a healthier lifestyle.

Root cause of health problems unclear

Another point that I observed was that many of the customers would suffer for years without the root cause of their health problem being discovered and addressed. They walk from doctor to doctor and from therapist to therapist with little or no relief at all.

Bioresonance may detect root causes

Many times I wondered how could I make a lasting change in the life of my customers? Then, later on, I came across the method of bioresonance. I thought that bioresonance could be a great addition to my practice, as it may help to detect the root cause of different health issues of my customers. Therefore it could give back more control to the client over his health. By understanding his problem, he has a chance to correct it and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

Missing openness for spiritual healing

Moreover, I noticed as well that there was only a narrow group of people open to spiritual healing. Thus there was limited demand for such a way of support.

Complementary methods

In light of the above, it is clear that bioresonance and spiritual healing are not competing, but complementing tools used in different circumstances.

More details about bioresonance and spiritual healing in later blog posts.

Wishing you peace & love,


Bioresonance- scientific research

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In my practice, as a spiritual healer, I noticed there are some typical stumbling blocks that prevent a person from getting healed fully. Below I will list some of them:

Why is bioresonance a method, which is highly respected in some countries, like Russia, and even used in a hospital setting, whereas in other countries it is unknown or treated as non-scientific quackery?

Where is the truth? Let’s look at some scientific facts:

Scientific background

Many researchers contributed to the development of bioresonance technology. Among other scientists, Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, R. Rife and R. Voll did fundamental research and discoveries, which provided the scientific knowledge and background on which all the current bioresonance machines are based on.

Bioresonance system: Mora

Dr Franz Morell and Erich Rasche developed an early bioresonance system called Mora in Germany in 1977.

Successful research with allergies & smoking cessation

A double-blind study, for example, found the Mora system successful in treating allergic rhinitis.

Another study was able to show the effective treatment of smoking cessation with the Mora system. This was a placebo-controlled double-blind study. Success rates of the bioresonance system vs. the placebo group: “Results: 1 week (77.2% vs. 54.8%), 2 weeks (62.4% vs. 34.4%), 1 month (51.1% vs. 28.6%), and 1 year (28.6% vs. 16.1%) after treatment, the success rate in the verum group differed significantly from the results in the placebo group.”

Bicom bioresonance system

Later on, many other bioresonance systems were developed. Very popular these days is the Bicom system.

Many successful scientific studies

There is a lot of scientific papers about the Bicom bioresonance, including successful double-blind studies about different health concerns. A summary of Bicom studies up to 2006 was given out in a paper on the International Medical Association Congress on BICOM Bioresonance Therapy (IMA B R T ) held from 28.04 to 30.04.2006 in Fulda, Germany. The result is that: „All previous studies and research work indicate that the BICOM procedure does not only show statistically significant (and in the sense of random statistics, demonstrable) effects.”

Example Study 1allergy patients: 83% recovery

“Single group cohort study 1 with 204 cases of allergy patients with different strains. Author: Schumacher, P. (..) The biometric/medical assessment: For this indication spontaneous healing is extremely rare. There is no known evidence of healing using therapeutic measures. Therefore an 83% recovery rate is an extremely convincing statistic…”

Successful studies with many diseases

Bioresonance treatment was shown successful with different conditions like allergies, Eczema, Urticaria, Neurodermatitis, Asthma, Conjunctivitis, patients with liver-cell damage, overstrain symptoms in high-performance athletes and others.

Deta Elis- Russian bioresonance system

Russian scientists did as well a lot of research in the field of bioresonance: Deta Elis, for example, did a lot of scientific studies and developed a range of portable bioresonance treatment devices.

117 clinical trial in medical facilities

Deta Ellis has “conducted 117 clinical trials in different medical facilities throughout Russian Republic.”

Success with a broad range of diseases

These studies showed success with their bioresonance devices: with diseases of the peripheral nervous system (inflammation of the spinal nerve root), Asthma, Vision problems, Gastrointestinal, Autonomic Nervous System, Musculoskeletal system, Respiratory system, like for example Pulmonary Tuberculosis, pathogens like Ascaris, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes II, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Hunter Metapathia & 3D/8D NLS system

Another bioresonance system developed in Russia is the Hunter Metapathia and 3D/8D,… NLS (Non-Linear-System).

Many successful studies in Russian hospitals

There is a lot of scientific documents from hospitals using NLS systems in Russia and also from other countries.

Hopefully, this article helped to bring some light into the controversial topic of bioresonance.


As we are all aware, in many areas of alternative medicine, there are dedicated professionals, who are passionate about helping others, but there are also quacks only interested in making money without improving their patients’ life. The latter is often a reason why many spill the ‘baby with the bath’ by rejecting a method without reaping its benefits.

Bioresonance in my own practice

In my practice, the main goal is to provide a quality service to all customers. Among other holistic methods, I work with Hunter Metapathia and 8D NLS bioresonance systems. This technology also allows me to perform bioresonance scans and treatments at the distance. For more details or to book a session visit my contact page.