When you speak up for God

Sometimes if you speak up for God you may get yourself in troubles like it happened to me these days..

You may end up not only feeling not understood by others but also bothered by those who want you to stay quiet.

Feeling  discouraged and sad I layed down on bed, closed my eyes and raised them inwardly to God.

In a  flash of a moment out of the darkness  Jesus  came in bright robes with His head illuminated with a crown of rays .

I only managed to open my mouth with amazement when out of His left hand streaks of light came and filled me with light as if a powerful  fresh  breath entered my body  filling my whole chest down to my belly. I gasped like a newborn baby catching first breath.

A moment  later I was called to my duties by our little Son playing nearby so the healing was stopped too  early .         

Martin, my Husband, who  is also a spiritual healer, fully understood what happened and offered me a further healing session .

The situation was finally under control  but left me with couple insights.

If  we work for God we need to be strong, much stronger. In the body and in the spirit to deal with whatever  we may encounter. I made a decision to get stronger.

With increasing awareness our responsibility increases too, we are expected to perform better and challenges we will encounter will be more complex too.

We need to be very vigilant and live consciously every single moment to avoid getting in troubles. Loosing focus may cost us unnecessary problems.

 Our intuition doesn’t scream it  whispers,  it’s important to always be tuned in and always honour any insight even if it seems small and doesn’t seem logical as it can save us from future troubles.

We shall make sure we are in top shape from top to bottom , physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as any of our weaknesses might  be used against us .

Theoretically I was supposed to know that  already from the teachings we follow (Kriya Yoga).

Theory and practice are two different things. Practice turns knowledge into wisdom.

In fact that’s what I was praying for a while ago 🙂

Aha, one important note to anyone out there who has the attitude of: ‘’I don’t want to focus on that, that’s too dark, let’s focus on the bright side‘’ . No matter how comfortable you are now, one day you may see something that will make you feel not comfortable. Not everyone is prepared for that, but this is a part of spiritual development as well. We need to know how to behave in such a situation.

Maybe some of you watched  ‘’Little Buddha’’  where that truth was partially depicted.

My Husband just made a joke: ’’ It’s not just about pink fluffy Unicorns dancing on rainbows 🙂 🙂 🙂  ’’

And with this optimistic accent I’ll finish this post.

Wishing you Love, Joy, Peace, Strength and Divine Protection on your journey of life,

Merry Christmas,


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