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How I healed my thyroid naturally

Medical Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor. This post describes my personal experience only. Please take responsibility for your own health and consult any important issues with a qualified practitioner. If you take any medication and attempt to start a natural healing regime it is important to keep your medical professional informed as there might be a need to adjust the dosage of your medication accordingly to your healing progress.


Even though this post describes my experience with healing Overactive Thyroid, and you may suffer from Underactive Thyroid or Hashimoto’s, please stay on the page as you may find some inspiring information within. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, you will find a list of some helpful links that I discovered during my research.


I was diagnosed with an Overactive Thyroid in April 2015. I went to the doctor with a completely different problem-suddenly after a traumatic event all the joints of my body swelled up, making it difficult to move, they were hurting and stiff. I suspected it was a psychosomatic reaction of my body to the trauma but just in case decided to do the complete bloodwork. The doctor didn’t know what’s going on. She said my results look fine except for one fact-I had an Overactive Thyroid. She didn’t understand why the joints swelled up. It was unexplained and illogical to her. She gave me a prescription for the medication but… I didn’t take it. I decided to go home and do the research. According to what I’ve found, official medicine had only one solution to my problem – to take drugs possibly till the end of my life, cause in the medical world there is “no known cure” for it. Drugs, of course, would have many potential side effects, so I decided to choose a different path. I took responsibility for my own recovery. After proper research, I customised my own “back to health” plan.

Understanding the underlying causes

I believe that any health problem has its root cause and exists simultaneously on different levels as we are multidimensional beings. Taking a critical look at all the areas of my life helped me to understand what needs to be corrected in order to regain health. After doing some research on how I could restore balance and bring back homeostasis naturally, I took pen and paper and analyzed my case coming up with an action plan. Couple things needed to be changed in order for me to get my health back.

Energetical imbalance

Throat Chakra and Thyroid

The thyroid gland is located in the throat area and is said to be energetically governed by the Throat Chakra. I realised that the energetical cause of my problem could be the Throat Chakra imbalance. What could have caused it? Going back to the recent traumatic event I realised that I screamed at the top of my lungs in my response to what happened ! Could “overusing” the energy of the voice cause energetical throat chakra imbalance leading to the development of “overactive thyroid”? Why not! If the energetical balance is required to maintain perfect health then logically any energetical imbalance may challenge our health.

Emotional component

(Thyroid & Liver connection)

After analyzing my emotions I realised that the emotion that caused me to scream in the above-mentioned incident was anger. Anger according to Traditional Chinese Medicine strongly affects the liver. And, according to modern science, the liver is a very important organ in our body that has many different functions. One of them is converting thyroid hormones. Anything that happens to the liver and depresses its function can potentially affect the thyroid as well if there is any disruption in the conversion of those important hormones. Now I found my link between anger (liver) and thyroid imbalance.

Stress and overworking

( Thyroid & Adrenals connection )

At that particular time of my life, I was self-employed in four different part-time jobs. I was overworking and that was stressing my mind and the body. There was also an element of dealing with extremely difficult people involved. That, of course, brings stress as well. According to TCM stress may negatively affect kidneys and adrenals. But what have Adrenals got to do with the Thyroid? Dr Amy Myers explains that in her article titled The Adrenal-Thyroid Connection. To make a long story short, in a situation of stress, the adrenals produce various stress hormones that in turn cause many different processes in our body including affecting the thyroid hormones conversion. Another piece of my health puzzle found.


Analysis of my diet was quite an enlightening experience. It was generally healthy but…I realised that I consumed a couple packets of Nori sheets per week ( my favourite snack at the time)! As seaweed is rich in Iodine the amount I consumed could potentially skyrocket Iodine levels to the extent of causing thyroid imbalance. Fooled by my taste buds I didn’t notice that was actually mentioned in a small print on the packet…ups 🙂

Action plan

Now as I understood the potential root causes better it was time to take some action. An important aspect of healing was to bring back the harmonious flow of energy in my throat. Combining some major life changes with various complementary healing methods helped to achieve this.

Addressing Stress

Learning from the above analysis I decided to cut back on work. I focused on which activities were bringing the biggest financial relief and skipped the others. I also decided to reduce my involvement with difficult people. Wherever it was possible I cut back the contact and in unavoidable situations, I managed my emotions as best I could without involving too much.


To improve energy flow in the throat area I dedicated some daily time to stimulate acupressure points on the neck for thyroid balancing. The best resource that I’ve found was the routine described on a page of an amazing therapist Michael Read Gach . I was performing that routine every day for a couple of months exactly as recommended by the author. You can find the description of his method here.


Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera)

The herb I attribute the biggest success to in the healing of my thyroid is Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera). Ashwagandha is an amazing adaptogenic herb. It means that it helps us to deal better with stress. It may help to reduce cortisol levels. It’s calming and energizing at the same time.

When I was taking it, I noticed increased tolerance to stressful situations and more energy to perform my daily work while taking it. But it has many other uses too- like improving memory, increasing muscle strength and mass or lowering cholesterol. It can also help to deal with insomnia, depression, inflammation and facilitates the conversion of T4 to T3 thyroid hormones in the liver!

Dr Axe suggests to use it if you want to support your thyroid in healing. The daily suggested dose of this herb for thyroid complaints is 300mg three times daily or 500 mg twice daily. That’s what I followed for around 6 months.

Withania can be used in either underactive or overactive thyroid and Hashimoto’s too. However, care needs to be taken while taking it if you suffer from overactive thyroid cause sometimes it can increase the overactivity. Best consult it with a qualified practitioner if you don’t have experience with herbs. Also, remember that I didn’t take any officially prescribed medication at any time of my treatment so if you take any medication you need to inform your doctor and or/ qualified practitioner as the dose of your medication needs to be adjusted/decreased in the course of treatment. And always, bare in mind, it’s usually not a single herb that will heal you but the overall lifestyle change.

Where to get your Ashwagandha? I got mine on Amazon. The one I used was an organic liquid extract, but I was also taking it in a powder form.

Milk Thistle (Sylibum Marianum)

This herb is an amazing aid in the healing of the liver. According to the research, it is a powerful detoxifier that has the potential to rebuild liver cells. There is a couple of good Milk Thistle supplements on the market. You can choose between taking Milk Thistle tincture, capsules, tea or ground seeds. I mainly chose this tincture (15 drops 3 times daily in a little water) as I believe that herbal tinctures are easily absorbed. I also have experience with taking a teaspoon of ground seeds after each meal ( 3 times daily).

Essential oils

Aromatic compounds of the essential oils are not only pleasurable to the senses but also have many medicinal properties. After coming across information on how to use essential oils in the healing of thyroid, I made a decision to use Lemongrass and Myrrh essential oil blend. I mixed them in the 10 ml roller bottle and was massaging this mix into my thyroid 3-4 times daily for a couple of months. Bare in mind that Lemongrass is a hot oil so you’ll only need a small amount of it diluted in any carrier oil. Try filling your roller bottle with the carrier oil of your choice and add the oil drop by drop adjusting it to your needs and to the tolerance of your skin. More information on which oils to choose for your thyroid complaint you’ll find here.


Because my Thyroid was Overactive, excluding the Nori sheets from my diet for a couple of months seemed necessary to reduce the amount of Iodine that I exposed myself to by excessive consumption of this tasty seaweed ( excess of Iodine can increase the activity of the Thyroid) At the time I was snacking on couple packets of it each week.

Otherwise, a balanced vegetarian diet with watching sugar, gluten and dairy content of the meals to keep it as low as possible was a part of my healing plan.

If you suffer from let’s say Hashimoto’s you might need to strictly adhere to the anti-inflammatory diet for the time of the treatment or beyond, so please do your own research here 🙂

In my quest, I came across many people that, regardless of what they heard from medical professionals, had a full success in the healing of their thyroid. I include some helpful links below.

Meditation, affirmations and prayer

Regardless of your religious background its important to take care of your soul needs.

I found that the three tools mentioned above were extremely helpful in my journey back to health. I practice Kriya Yoga meditation, though any form of meditation could be helpful to calm your mind and nourish your spirit. How to choose the best meditation for you you can find here.

Multiple times during the day I was repeating affirmations such as ” I’m so grateful that my thyroid is healing”, ” I love my thyroid and it serves me well”, “My thyroid is miraculously healed and I feel great”. Be creative here with inventing your own affirmations. The most important aspect is that you can agree on the statements you choose to affirm. Your inner feeling ( joy, excitement, appreciation) about the process will activate the whole magic of your affirmations.

If you believe in God you can also practice regular prayers. As I do believe in God though do not belong to any religious groups I chose Love prayer method that can be practised regardless of your spiritual background. I also practised freestyle, spontaneous prayers, according to the guidance of my soul.


After being diagnosed in April 2015 I repeated the blood tests in October 2015 ( 6 months later) I didn’t have high expectations as my hair was still falling out. To my astonishment one day I received a phone call from the Doctor. ” Your thyroid results are perfect. All in the norm. You must have been taking your medicine and it helped you”. He was speechless when I told him that I didn’t take any medication and followed my own plan instead :).

I realised that even though my thyroid was already healthy, my hair was still falling out. What stopped the hair fall completely was Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic that I used daily for one month.

Helpful links:

If you read this post, most likely you or the someone you love/ know is suffering from some sort of thyroid complaint. I wish you and your loved ones all the best on the path to recovery 🙂 For your convenience, I included some links that I found additionally after achieving complete healing. Many of them are testimonials of people healed. Is it possible to heal your thyroid naturally? After reading the presented data you can judge for yourself 🙂

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Are you ready to be healed?

In my practice, as a spiritual healer, I noticed there are some typical stumbling blocks that prevent a person from getting healed fully. Below I will list some of them:


– Limiting beliefs

  • doubts: thoughts such as “it is impossible for me to achieve healing.” or “I’ve lived with my condition for such a long time, it is not going to change.”
  • Another stumbling block could be that the trust in the healer or in the treatment method is missing. That is why it is pointless to convince somebody to go for a certain therapy session if the one doesn’t have trust in the method. This is especially true for spiritual healing. Mistrust in the healer or in spiritual healing generally will most probably block the healing energy from entering the body of the sceptical person. It is as if the one doesn’t allow the healing to occur cause of missing belief and missing openness.

– Lack of forgiveness

  • Forgiveness is very important for deep inner healing. However, it is very often a problem for many people to really let go of what happened in the past. Most people usually tell me: “I forgave him/her already.” Though in nearly all cases I realized that the person was actually far away to be ready to truly forgive and let go of the past. Usually, people are carrying many bigger and smaller resentments unresolved in their hearts.

– Feelings of guilt

  • Strong feelings of guilt and shame could cause us to believe deep inside that we don’t deserve to get healed. Consequently, we might subconsciously block ourselves from full remission of our disease.
  • Learning from our mistakes and doing good deeds now helps us to feel relief from the burden of our feelings of guilt.
  • In addition, full forgiveness to all the people, who hurt you in the past, is very helpful to be able to let go of our own feelings of guilt.

– Missing readiness to change old habits & lifestyle

  • Missing readiness to change harmful habits like smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods could prevent permanent healing. Therefore bad habits may bring back diseases very fast.

– High expectations

  • high expectations that the condition will be fully resolved after one session; even though full remission is possible after just one healing session, it depends on different factors and may as well take several treatments for a substantial improvement.
  • The expectation of receiving a full and permanent recovery after one healing session can often create disappointment if such doesn’t happen instantly. As a result, it may prevent the customer from continuing the potentially successful treatment.

Inner Preparation for a healing session:

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a successful healing session:

– Be Open

  • If you decide to accept a healing session from a spiritual healer or practitioner make sure that you make inner space for the healing.

– Relax

  • Imagine yourself floating on the surface of the water that carries all your weight. The same way surrender to the healing process. You may imagine that a shower of light is washing you from top to bottom, taking away everything that is a burden, your worries, fears, pain, diseases.

– Be ready to Forgive

  • The readiness to forgive all people who hurt you in the past is crucial. However, if you don’t manage to forgive other people you will have an inner conflict in accepting full healing for yourself as well.
  • If you find it difficult to forgive you might benefit from flower essences. Willow flower essence is great if you carry resentment in your heart. It is as if it helps to dissolve a knot in our hearts. Holly essence would be additionally good for feelings of anger or even hate. Honeysuckle helps you to let go of the past and Crab Apple essence would help to heal body and soul from strong imbalanced emotions like anger, hate and resentment.

– Feel Worthy

  • If you truly forgave all people, who hurt you in the past, then you most probably will feel worthy to accept forgiveness for yourself as well.
  • We are all equal children of God or call it the Divine Source, and we are here to learn to love.
  • During that learning process, we all make mistakes at times. This is unavoidable. If we feel guilty about them then we get stuck and we don’t move from the spot anymore.
  • Instead, it is better to learn from our mistakes and avoid them in the future. When we learnt from a painful mistake the past is not important any more.

– Be ready to Change your life

  • Without readiness to change your life you won’t achieve lasting healing. In this case, you would continue with old habits and behaviour patterns and recreate the disease quickly.
  • Often you would need to change to healthier food on a daily basis and as well give up smoking and drinking if this was your habit.
  • Even more important is your readiness to change your emotional response in different situations in life. If you get angry over any small incident in life then you will continuously stress yourself and your health will suffer consequently.
  • Also, it is important to be ready to change our way of thinking to a more positive one. If somebody has a habit of always expecting that the worst happens then he may after a while attract it Affirmations or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) might be a very good tool to help with that.

– Be Humble & Thankful

  • Most people don’t realize how important and powerful an attitude of appreciation is.
  • If you are thankful for small things, then you will attract the bigger positive changes to happen later on as well (as presented in the famous book/movie: “The Secret”).
  • The same is for diseases. Many people come after many years of chronic suffering and expect a miraculous instant healing, without any efforts from their side. If that doesn’t happen straight away they are disappointed and think that the treatment didn’t work.
  • They don’t appreciate the sometimes only small improvements after the first session. Consequently, they disregard the full therapy. However, a few treatments might have brought a massive enhancement in their health or even a full recovery.
  • Moreover, they forget that it was often only their missing readiness for the full healing as described in this blog post, which resulted in the only small improvement. Of course, in some cases, there might even be a complete stop in the progress of the healing. These people usually are completely missing readiness for their health recovery. Most of the time they have a totally wrong attitude and therefore they are not prepared to experience full healing.

– Take Responsibility & Action

  • Be conscious that permanent healing will require your full cooperation and own efforts. You will need to work on yourself and take responsibility for your life, rather than just expecting that a therapist or healer will take away your suffering without the need of changing anything in your life.
  • Look at a therapist/healer as a helper, who facilitates the recovery of your health. A big part of this support is by guiding you to lead a healthier life on a daily basis.
  • Accept that you will need to work on different areas in your daily life and habits if you want a lasting healthy and happy life.

Contact me

If you are interested in Spiritual Healing session or in a Naturopathy consultation, then contact me over phone or email. Distant Healing or consultation over Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger,.. is also possible.

what is needed to get healed

5 Day Water Fasting Experience

updated from my article published and written in 2013

As part of my Christmas preparation 2013 I decided to fast and like to share my experiences with you:

How did my fast look like?


1. day: only light food: „muesli“ (= oats with apple)

2. day: only apples (good to clean up the digestive system)

Real fasting:

3.- 7. day (=5 days): fasting on water, for best purification of the body

Reintroducing foods:

Best is a slow transition to normal food to avoid problems with digestion:

8. day: only apples

9. day: light meals (still avoiding all heavy foods)

What else did I do during the fast?

As I wanted to get the best possible purification of the physical and metaphysical body I combined fasting with:

1. extended kriya yoga meditation

2. daily walk in nature in the fresh winter air

3. some Hatha Yoga practise

How did I feel during and after the fasting?

Already after the first day, I felt refreshed. Then during the fasting, especially in the morning I often woke up feeling relieved, more energy flowing through my body, lighter and happier.

Of course during the first days of water fasting, there were periods when I had less energy, because of low blood pressure or low blood sugar level, which is normal when the body is switching from eating food to fasting. This was most of the time in the morning and got better when I went out for the walk in nature and I always felt at my best in the evenings.

But the longer I fasted the more energy I had, so I was at my best at the 5th. day of water fasting and in the morning before eating my first apple again.

Now after the fasting I feel excellent, refreshed, have more energy and I often just feel happiness, joy and love in my heart without obvious reason. After having any uplifting food I directly feel the flow of increased energy and if something is down pulling I instantly realize it and then this kind of food doesn’t appetize me as much as usual.

What other benefits did the fasting have?

In addition, to feel much better generally, this fasting period with increased meditation practise helped me as well to progress spiritually:

First of all it seemed to loosen some inner attachments and blockages. As I realized this I focused on surrendering all physical attachments to God (all persons, activities, wishes and my own body) and moreover I concentrated on forgiving all people and I felt a lot of relief.

Now after the fasting, all spiritual progress seems much easier (connecting to God; feeling in love and harmony with all; easier energy flow, joy and happiness often just appears during the day „without reason“). I have not felt so good for a long time. Sometimes this spontaneous joy and happiness is reminding me on the best days of my teenage years (now I am 32). If I add the bliss from God and that I often feel in love with all creation, then, of course, in reality, I feel much better than in my teenage years :).

Was this my first time of water fasting?

Of course, this was not the first time. I fasted already several times for a few days and often practised to skip one meal of the day (most of the time this was breakfast or dinner). This is a good way to adapt the body slowly for fasting. When I tried the first time to fast for a few days I felt often very weak, especially in the morning and I had a really hard time. This time the fasting was very comfortable and I felt good with the exception of some hours per day when I needed to start physical activity slowly.

Are there precautions for fasting?

If you want to fast yourself I recommend you to be very careful in case you are not already experienced with fasting. Best is to start slowly, skipping one meal once in a while or to make a fruit day. If you consider any prolonged fasting, I recommend you to first read books about how the body reacts during a fasting period and how to do it properly.

What could go wrong with fasting?

If done wrongly it can be highly dangerous, as for example if the blood sugar level may go down too deep and you could fall into a coma. This could happen if you do too heavy work or if you have special illnesses like diabetes. Especially for all people with severe illnesses, it is recommended to fast only under the supervision of a knowledgable practitioner.

What is my conclusion?

It is really worth to invest all necessary efforts to do proper fasting because it is obviously highly rewarding and beneficial for physical and spiritual health. I feel already the benefit if I skip only one meal and drink instead of the food intake much more water for an increased purification of the body.

A detailed guide for spiritual fasting you can find in the spiritual treasures.

12 Days Water Fasting

3 years later I went on a 12-day water fast.

Bioresonance- scientific research

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links we may earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting our blog. Be assured that we only promote products or services that we use ourselves or know well and fully trust in.

In my practice, as a spiritual healer, I noticed there are some typical stumbling blocks that prevent a person from getting healed fully. Below I will list some of them:

Why is bioresonance a method, which is highly respected in some countries, like Russia, and even used in a hospital setting, whereas in other countries it is unknown or treated as non-scientific quackery?

Where is the truth? Let’s look at some scientific facts:

Scientific background

Many researchers contributed to the development of bioresonance technology. Among other scientists, Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, R. Rife and R. Voll did fundamental research and discoveries, which provided the scientific knowledge and background on which all the current bioresonance machines are based on.

Bioresonance system: Mora

Dr Franz Morell and Erich Rasche developed an early bioresonance system called Mora in Germany in 1977.

Successful research with allergies & smoking cessation

A double-blind study, for example, found the Mora system successful in treating allergic rhinitis.

Another study was able to show the effective treatment of smoking cessation with the Mora system. This was a placebo-controlled double-blind study. Success rates of the bioresonance system vs. the placebo group: “Results: 1 week (77.2% vs. 54.8%), 2 weeks (62.4% vs. 34.4%), 1 month (51.1% vs. 28.6%), and 1 year (28.6% vs. 16.1%) after treatment, the success rate in the verum group differed significantly from the results in the placebo group.”

Bicom bioresonance system

Later on, many other bioresonance systems were developed. Very popular these days is the Bicom system.

Many successful scientific studies

There is a lot of scientific papers about the Bicom bioresonance, including successful double-blind studies about different health concerns. A summary of Bicom studies up to 2006 was given out in a paper on the International Medical Association Congress on BICOM Bioresonance Therapy (IMA B R T ) held from 28.04 to 30.04.2006 in Fulda, Germany. The result is that: „All previous studies and research work indicate that the BICOM procedure does not only show statistically significant (and in the sense of random statistics, demonstrable) effects.”

Example Study 1allergy patients: 83% recovery

“Single group cohort study 1 with 204 cases of allergy patients with different strains. Author: Schumacher, P. (..) The biometric/medical assessment: For this indication spontaneous healing is extremely rare. There is no known evidence of healing using therapeutic measures. Therefore an 83% recovery rate is an extremely convincing statistic…”

Successful studies with many diseases

Bioresonance treatment was shown successful with different conditions like allergies, Eczema, Urticaria, Neurodermatitis, Asthma, Conjunctivitis, patients with liver-cell damage, overstrain symptoms in high-performance athletes and others.

Deta Elis- Russian bioresonance system

Russian scientists did as well a lot of research in the field of bioresonance: Deta Elis, for example, did a lot of scientific studies and developed a range of portable bioresonance treatment devices.

117 clinical trial in medical facilities

Deta Ellis has “conducted 117 clinical trials in different medical facilities throughout Russian Republic.”

Success with a broad range of diseases

These studies showed success with their bioresonance devices: with diseases of the peripheral nervous system (inflammation of the spinal nerve root), Asthma, Vision problems, Gastrointestinal, Autonomic Nervous System, Musculoskeletal system, Respiratory system, like for example Pulmonary Tuberculosis, pathogens like Ascaris, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes II, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Hunter Metapathia & 3D/8D NLS system

Another bioresonance system developed in Russia is the Hunter Metapathia and 3D/8D,… NLS (Non-Linear-System).

Many successful studies in Russian hospitals

There is a lot of scientific documents from hospitals using NLS systems in Russia and also from other countries.

Hopefully, this article helped to bring some light into the controversial topic of bioresonance.


As we are all aware, in many areas of alternative medicine, there are dedicated professionals, who are passionate about helping others, but there are also quacks only interested in making money without improving their patients’ life. The latter is often a reason why many spill the ‘baby with the bath’ by rejecting a method without reaping its benefits.

Bioresonance in my own practice

In my practice, the main goal is to provide a quality service to all customers. Among other holistic methods, I work with Hunter Metapathia and 8D NLS bioresonance systems. This technology also allows me to perform bioresonance scans and treatments at the distance. For more details or to book a session visit my contact page.