Levitating in a Dream

Once I dreamt about meeting spiritual relatives and friends in a dream. Such a dream is always more than a dream; it is rather like an experience in the light body. So, something that actually really happens just in a different spiritual realm, of which I am not currently aware of consciously. One of the spiritual relatives in the dream, I knew, was my spiritual uncle.

He manipulated something in my spine

My spiritual uncle decided to do a spiritual manipulation on my spine. He must have unlocked some spiritual blockages or added some spiritual gift. It really felt as if he was giving me a spiritual blessing, which unlocked special spiritual capabilities in me.

I am levitating!

After he performed the manipulation on my spine, I felt truly magical. My body instantly and effortlessly ascended to just below the ceiling of the room. There, my body remained levitating in the air.

Oh my God, so much Divine Bliss!

The feeling of bliss and love which accompanied this experience was indescribable. I felt magical, unconditional love for all beyond words. The air was just so intensely vibrating with this overflowing love that I could only feel love beyond any description. I felt unlimited, most intense love and indescribable bliss and joy. All this happened naturally and effortlessly at this stage after unlocking the spiritual gifts in my upper spine.

A Spiritual Master joins me

There was apparently a great spiritual master standing opposite the room. When he saw me levitating in bliss below the ceiling, he decided to join me. He stretched out his hand into the air with the intention to rise up to me instantly. There was a short moment when he first didn’t manage to rise up, but just seconds later he succeeded and rose up to the ceiling.

A Beautiful Hug in the Air

The spiritual master rose up and floated across the room to meet me, levitating below the ceiling. He came to join me for a blissful hug in the air! Wow, that was a beautiful experience. We were hugging and levitating, and I just felt so much magical love. I wanted to hug the whole world.

Another levitating experience

Soon after this dream on a later day, I had another levitation happening while meditating. I did a Kriya Yoga meditation as usual when I suddenly rose up in my light body to levitate. My physical body was not levitating, of course, but the experience felt at least as real if not much more intense than any normal experience in the physical body. Generally, experiences on the level of the light body are much more beautiful, conscious, and intense than anything happening and being felt in the physical body.

I love you all !!!


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