About Us

We are a couple that shares the same vision of life and we are passionate about many things. However, the main area of our interest is spiritual development. We believe that we are on earth as spiritual beings learning to love and to progress towards our home in God. Meditation practices like Kriya Yoga facilitate that goal.

We are also passionate about health, eco-lifestyle, gardening, cooking, self-improvement and many other topics. We are constantly learning and we are happy to share our experiences and discoveries with everybody who is interested.

Kasia is dedicated to the family, partner of Martin and Mom of three lovely children. She believes that we are here to make a difference. Kasia has more ideas than there are stars in the sky but she is not always sure how to put them all into practice 🙂 . She is always curious about life and loves to make people happy.

Martin is a Naturopath from a profession. He has also over 20 years of experience with meditation. That helped him to develop a gift of spiritual healing and broadened his spiritual perception. Martin is constantly improving the quality of his practice by learning new skills and healing modalities. He loves dancing, organic gardening, nature trips and… sweets 😉 .